A blog a day keeps the doctor away

Well isn’t this exciting? My very first blog post!

But to be honest…I’m not quite sure what to put here… something cool? quirky? witty? an about me type of page?

Let’s go with the about me thing, kinda makes sense as a first post.

I’m 29. Oooo that hurt. Yes, repeat to self ‘you really are 29, time to accept it’. I often forget just how much I’m getting on. I still feel young at heart and usually get away with most people thinking I’m in my early 20’s. I’m married (still feels weird saying that too), no kids (yes all you annoying people out there stop pestering me about when I’m going to have them), and work full-time as a doctor.

This blog is going to be my sanctuary; a space away from the mundane and the hectic. I’m not quite sure which direction I’m going to take it. Might just be some random ramblings, might be my place to rant, find peace or spirituality, or a place to post health/medical related ideas, or even my main passion which is all things beauty and makeup, maybe some travel blogs, or diet and lifestyle stuff. Not sure… but we’ll see.

xoxo RC





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