Dream it. Believe it. Achieve it.

Like seriously, why can’t I just donate my IMG_3987fat? It would be mutually beneficial to all those people who struggle to put on weight and all those like me who just can’t shift it.

I have always struggled with my weight. I’m one of those people who just has to look at a cake and I’ll put on 10 pounds straight away! Since I was young I’ve always been called the fat one in the family and have always been that funny fat friend.

Last September I decided enough was enough – I was weighing in at a miserable 13stone 12lbs (approx 88kg) and me being a short 5 ft 3inches meant my BMI was coming in the obese range. Yes I was obese – and knowing that my obesity and lack of fitness was putting me at risk of all sorts of diseases (cancer, heart problems, diabetes… to name a few) I felt it was time I did something about it.

We all take our health for granted sometimes and when I thought of my future, I looked at all the things about myself that I could not change that would put me at risk of disease (genetics, ethnicity, gender, age) and decided I would do something about the risk factors I can change – my lifestyle (weight, diet etc.)

I joined the gym and went 4-5 times a week, early morning just before work. I did very short HIIT (high intensity interval training) sessions mixed with some weights/resistance training. This worked well for me because I’m the type who gets easily bored in the gym, and with a busy job I can only spend 30-45 minutes at a time in the gym.

I changed my diet too. I cut out all sugars, and all drinks allowing myself only water and the occasional Diet Coke (shhhh). My main meal consisted of vegetables and protein (i.e chicken, fish, meat). I stopped fuelling myself with processed junk and although at first it was difficult, my body adjusted and I had the most energy I had felt in a long time. My stomach wasn’t always feeling bloated and generally I felt good.

By February 2017 I had managed to lose 3 stone! My weight was down and I felt good, especially when I went shopping – because I could try on most things and look good in them, unlike before when nothing would fit, and anything that did fit, didn’t look good.

However, I started becoming lazy… I stopped going gym and started to allow myself treats – a biscuit here, some chocolate there, oh yes eating straight out the Nutella jar would be a regular thing too 🙈🙈. Throw in 2 holidays, my laziness and greediness and now I’m here July 2017 and have gained back 10kg of the weight I lost. I’m at 76kg currently  (11st 13lbs) – and I’m not fitting into my size 8s or smalls anymore. Sometimes even the 10s and mediums are a squeeze.

How have I let this happen? I ask myself. All that hard work. But I guess I’ve done what we all do and what we all battle with.

So today I start again. On my journey to getting fit. To me it’s not about just looking good or being a certain dress size. To me it’s about being healthy. It’s about being healthy for myself and my family. My aim is to get to the normal BMI range.

Action plan for today onwards:

1. Scrap all drinks and replace with water

2. Tomorrow I will re join the gym

3. Meal plan ahead

I’ll let you all know how I get on… wish me luck!

xoxo RC





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