July Product Reviews


I’ve just returned from vacation in Barcelona – and what an amazing time it was. It wasn’t my first time there and probably won’t be my last, as it is a city I will always love.

Now I am back and completely in post-holiday blues mood, I thought I should write a blog post to cheer myself up.

I decided I would do a review of products I have loved/ not loved so much… 

First up we have an award to give out….. drum roll please…. 

can NARS ‘All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation’ please stand up for a round of applause


This has got to be my hands down favourite product of the month. Before going on holiday I was doing a test week; a different foundation each day, with the same primer, setting powder etc, and tested for durability throughout a long work day, so I could work out which to take with me on holiday. 

This (along with MAC studio sculpt) was the winner.

Whilst in Barcelona with temperatures ranging in 27-32 degrees and spending full days out doing touristy things then straight to evening/night entertainment, this foundation stayed put. I didn’t get too greasy, my face wasn’t melting, I had the right amount of dewy glow I loved without looking cakey. It truly is what it says on the tin: all day (check), luminous (check), weightless (check). Coverage is medium to full buildable. Love, love, love this – I’m glad I did my test week, because it had been ages since I had last used this and I had forgotten why it was so great in the first place. (I wear this in shade Barcelona funnily enough!)

Second product review unfortunately is something which was ‘meh’…. 10-01-003-LI.jpgnothing to rave about and I felt it did not do much for my skin, so  I won’t be buying again. 

It’s the Peter Thoma Roth Cucumber De-Tox Foaming Cleanser. The bottle finally finished this month, which I was glad about. I bought this in October last year and have since used it whilst travelling as I find it to be a safe face wash – something that won’t irritate my face whilst dehydrated on holiday / sunburnt. However, as a normal daily face wash it does not really do much. I don’t know why but my face just doesn’t feel squeaky clean after I use it – I suppose it’s just too mild for my face. Probably great for someone with sensitive skin. But for me with combination skin it does not do much. 

charlotte-tilbury-instant-look-in-a-palette-beauty-glow-openThe next review is another favourite for me! The Charlotte Tilbury ‘Instant Look In a Palette, Beauty Glow’.  This was another staple for my holiday makeup. If any of you are pushed for makeup in your luggage space look no further. This palette will save you from having to pack blusher, bronzer, highlight, eyeshadow. Its perfect for day to night makeup as well. The eyeshadows are beautifully pigmented with such great shades that blend so easily. The bronzer saved my face when I tanned so quick and needed to warm up my foundation to make it not look grey. This palette is beautiful and I will definitely be using this a lot more.



The Bobbi Brown Soothing Cleansing Oil, has been a staple in my skin care for over 5 years now. My current bottle is empty and I need to restock asap! No matter what other’s I try, I always come back to this for my end of the day makeup remover / cleanser.  

This facial oil removes every trace of even the hardest to remove waterproof eye makeup, without irritating or drying my skin. I always do 2 cleanses at night, and without a doubt this is always my first cleanse. 


That’s all for now folks! 

xoxo RC


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