My head hurts

My head is hurting so I thought let me write a post to get my mind of it, or figure out why it’s hurting.

I’ve started the Cambridge Weight Plan today – that’s probably the biggest contributor to this headache. (If you want to know more about what this diet is then leave me a comment so I can do a post about it another time). I’m on my second litre of water and rushing to the loo every hour! I’ve been feeling so big and bloated, especially after gaining 7lbs on holiday…. so today, I start again, on my longstanding battle with my weight.

I am a comfort eater. And to be honest I have been feeling quite down and low the past few days. I reckon that’s contributed a lot to my recent weight gain. I ate a whole jar of chocolate digestives the other day whilst watching a Netflix series. Yesterday I ate out in Pizza Express for dinner (starter, mains and everything), then a few hours later because I felt lonely and bored I ate a curry. 😦 my relationship with food is so unhealthy, and I do struggle to find the right balance, especially when I’m not in the right frame of mind.

Now why have I been feeling down? To be honest, I’ve been feeling quite lonely. It must be because I was surrounded by family for a whole week and now I’m back here and just feel lonely.

Why does marriage change everything? People in your own family treat you differently (never mind in-laws crap)… it’s as though, because you’re a girl and you have got married your own family treat you as an outsider, as though you are no longer their family. It’s probably harder for me because my in-laws haven’t accepted me into their family either so I’m kind of in a family-less limbo.

I don’t even know what I’m talking about or why I’m rambling on and feeling so sorry for myself.

Sorry for such a negative bogus post. This blog post feels more like a page I would/should write in my journal.

Ciao for now



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